Martin is an Animation Director with 25+ years experience spanning from television to feature films to video games. He began his career in Vancouver in 1991 at Network of Animation (NOA) as a storyboard artist, layout artist and 2D animator working on the Batman animated series, the Aeon Flux MTV series and many more while there. In 1997 he worked at Industrial Light and Magic on such films as Star Wars: Ep 1, Men in Black II, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Small Soldiers, The Hulk as well as numerous commercials. Venturing into the world of video games in 2000, Martin joined Nintendo as a Lead Animator for Metroid Prime. In 2011 he went on to become the Animation Director at Crytek owning the quality of animation for several projects. Since then his work has been honored with a an Animago award, a VES Award nomination and a Siggraph Best Real-time Graphics Award for Ryse: Son of Rome. Stepping into a Creative Director role in 2015, his work was once again nominated for the Sony video game, Robinson: The Journey. His professional career outside of academia also includes giving animation seminars to schools. 


First-person shooter : Making FPS animation feel responsive

Third-person combat : Combat Flow should feel natural & intuitive

From bipeds to quadrupeds to flying creatures

I understand the physics and mechanics of different masses

Cinematography : Being creative within the rules of cinematography

Billy the cat TV series