My obsession for animation started long before I began my training and career. I'm fascinated about how animation brings characters to life ​and influences feelings and thoughts. I also enjoy defining animation solutions and processes to support gameplay which includes the creation of animation motion trees based on code implementation.  

I have a strong understanding of animation principles and how they can be applied to video games. From bipeds to quadrupeds to flying creatures, I understand the physics and mechanics of different masses. When creating any sort of cinematic story-driven sequences, storyboarding is very important. It helps me think through the messages and emotions I want to convey, how to best stage an action, and pre-visualize / plan the sequences.

I'm a firm believer that no matter what role you take on you must always keep your hands in the creative process and continue producing content. Below is a compilation of animations I did while being an animation & creative director.


In 1997 I relocated to California to extended my passion towards the art of film.

My background in movie, television and video Game productions have made me versatile and quick-witted. 

Below are compilations of my animation work